So this weeks Blog post takes us back in time again – to the fall of 2018. I have to go back and write about the past because it’s important (at least to me) that people can see the beginnings. I fancy myself as some kind of writer but the truth is I do this because I have to. The story is burning in my mind and it has to be told whether people read it all or not. I need a creative outlet where I can tell it to the world. If you are following along and enjoying – so much the better! But at any rate I can now begin to work beyond the past and start blogging about the present the sooner I get this all out there. So let’s go back again this week, to the Fall of 2018… I had already made up my mind I was going to move full time RV, but had not yet bought a camper. This is where Nancy comes in, and even though as I write this and have just sold her down the river this past week, she will always be special to me in a way no other camper could be. Why name them you might ask? Well campers are not only part of the journey, but the reason for it. I tend to think of them as the Mother in the equation and thats why they always get an “old lady” name out of me. They are old and slow, but they also give us shelter and warmth and keep us safe out on the road, and to me this dignifies not only a name but a sort of majestic place in the story as the Matriarch. So Nancy got her name after one of my friends Grandmother, not long after I had bought here and brought her home. She was a disaster – a diamond in the rough – or if you ask my Mechanic a PILE of **** that should have been totaled. But she was mine, all mine, and in the fall of 2018 as the snow began to fall in upstate NY I had a new mission and a new outlook on life because in my driveway sat my beloved Nancy. It was more than just a winter project rebuilding that camper, but also a sort of salvation for me. In the darkest coldest months as the wind howled and the snow blew I wasn’t in upstate NY. I was already mentally checked out and living in Florida. Frankly I am not sure I would have made it that last winter up there without her to work on because she showed me a world different from the dark bitter cold of upstate NY winter, she showed me a glimpse of living full time RV and without having her to work on every night after work I would have gone stir crazy. She will always be remembered as not only the camper that took me out of NY but also the camper that saved me and started the journey and thats why after careful deliberation I have chosen to memorialize her as the header image of

Want to see what it looked like that cold long winter? Check out this slide show 🙂 And bare in mind I enjoyed every second of this, it wasn’t work to me. It was the beginnings of my great adventure and the end of an era. So began “ The Next Chapter “

I did a heck of a lot of work that winter, and ultimately got her to a point she was livable and road worthy. If you read last weeks blog post “ Genesis “ towards the end when I locked the door on the house for the last time and took off on the road Nancy was the camper running in the street packed up and ready to go. About two hours later off the side of route 12 in Alexandria Bay I pulled over looking at the St. Lawrence river on her first actual trip out and there you see the picture now immortalized as the header of this website. We spent the next couple months up north at my Families camp still in NY and bracing for the long long journey south – heading to Florida. I am going to break here because thats a story in and of itself. Stay tuned for the next blog post “ The Journey “. spoiler alert – she made it. JUST BARELY.