Always looking forward… What else can you really do. Yesterday is gone and today is a conduit to tomorrow. I find myself stationary once again albeit still in a mobile home so SURE if I really wanted to I could pay someone 3 grand to detach the car port and drag it to a new site, but its not exactly “RV Life” I just exist now in an RV Park. I think its the right move for me though, to have a permanent florida presence where I can keep all my crap. Its funny I find myself loading up amazon wish lists with Weed Whackers and Leaf Blowers and all this stupid crap a cpl years ago I threw out… sigh…. So next move is going to be small and Agile. It has been decided. I AM going to buy NEW rig but its going to be a tow behind and much much smaller. The idea will be use in summer months and return to florida (home base) I am actually pretty partial to this one : It’s light enough my new truck can handle and just kinda cool lol. I Dig the Vintage thing. moreover it will allow me to go more places go farther and get into parks the coach could never dream of. Ultimately – off grid. Solar power and Starlink i can sit in the Arizona Desert but way more to come on all that. Rising Fuel Costs insurance maintenance and a plethora of factors went into this decision. Rosie is being detailed and fixed up we will be looking to re-home her here pretty soon which both breaks my heart but at the same time She doesnt want to sit in an RV park or two all year. She wants to roam. She has SOOOOOOO much life left in her. That Cummins will go 1 million miles shes barely broken in. She needs the open road and im gonna find someone that will give it to her.

This summer I am making up for lost time, I plan to head to north east in what ever new rig we get early June through September and take my time heading south hit the carolinas like I meant to do last year. freaking Corona… Ill be back in TNN for a spell too and this time with a brand new truck and a brand new camper… lets see these prissy parks complain now ! 🙂

Good times ahead…. always look forward….