So for the last few months I had this wild hair up my *** I was gonna buy a house… I KNOW RIGHT ? A brick and mortar actual house – even my closest friends are like um….. ” you threw your last one in a dumpster and bought an RV …. !!! ??? ” so but listen…. IT fell through anyway, and I had a plan. I STILL have a plan. I am looking for roots in Florida. A fulcrum, an anchor, a solid rock to anchor me. A place for one thing to store ” CRAP ” that I don’t really need out on the road – but also a place to come home to for the winter months. A place to unwind and empty the camper and expand out into. Living in a 21′ box with a 65lbs dog and a cat that could star in cirque du soleil gets old…. Seriously she hangs from the ceiling at 3am…. But at any rate. It collapsed and my dream was crushed. AGAIN. I am getting used to that. I waisted a grand on appraisal and various fees just to find out it wasn’t what the road had in store for me. SO I am heading into spring / summer 2022 wondering ok do I keep bidding / looking or just wait this thing out… I am leaning toward the latter because the housing market is CRAZY right now and I don’t think it can possibly get any more inflated. If anything when I come back down in the fall the prices will be lower. Interest rates will be higher but I guess it all evens out in the end and I have an awesome realestate agent and mortgage specialist / broker. They know who they are – shout out to Keith and Matt !!! This aint over !!! We will do another deal 🙂

So whats next for the crib ? well we are going back to plan A. Again. Time to rig the crib for solar and off grid living because I’m gonna hit the road early this year I’m gonna hit it hard and I’m gonna drive the crap out of it. I got a new truck with a big old V8 in it that will haul this thing over a mountain on cruise control and a new outlook on life – as many close to me know I started 2022 off with a bang. New year – new me. I quit smoking, I started keto and daily workouts, I changed my daily routine I made huge sweeping life changes to improve my health and my mental wellbeing. I am slowly learning its not just a ” rock ” that I seek but also a purpose. Living an RV life is a double edge sword especially if you are socially inept or prone to be contempt alone. This life will give you exactly what you seek but – it also will give you EXACTLY what you seek. Luckily I have made some amazing friends along the way and I have a good little support network. But even they have to DRAG ME out of my camper kicking and screaming to go do things because if left to my own devices id sit in this thing 24X7 and just get everything delivered – Gieco emailed me wondering if I had installed the smart driving app correctly because the truck hasn’t moved in over a week. Yep thats me. lol. I put 10 miles a day on the golf cart and ten miles a month on the truck. sigh.

SO…… This new thing fell in my lap this week I found a local solar installer that can get all my materials I need basically at cost and of course I am trading services he wants a mesh WIFI network for his horse farm and a website and various things I can do – you know me always wheeling and dealing. We are doing this thing. The crib is gonna get a new suspension ( i need to raise it a few inches, new axle, bigger tires and stronger springs to take the load ) and we are adding 1400 watts of solar to the roof as well as 1000ah of LifePo4 storage. In addition to being scary as crap and enough juice to liquify a human if you touch the wrong thing, it will also power my entire camper Air Conditioning and all indefinitely 100% solar without the need for shore power. This opens HUGE options for me to explore BLM land, state land, mining coalitions public beaches you name it. I can venture out and beyond the run of the mill RV parks. (another bonus to a lifted camper and 4X4 pickup truck) I need to get out there. I need to do what I set out to do 3 years ago and actually go EXPLORE the country. that was the point. Not this back and forth to NY snowbird crap I want to go west. I want to stick my feet in the pacific ocean and go see yellowstone and the grand canyon and maybe even the worlds largest ball of string. (yes thats a thing – in Weston Missouri)

Florida will always be my home and some day I’ll have permanent roots here but I’ll be a road warrior until the day I die – so this duplicity of my mentality will thrive forever. I’ll always want a rock but I’ll always want to be free from it. It sums me up pretty well actually – I do everything backwards and always seem to want what I used to have. But alas time marches on and the road is calling me again. I think it’s about time to get back on the horse and ride out. Destination unknown – probably Tennessee for a bit and then from there – meh. Lets see where the wind blows me this year.

Happy camping ya’ll !