So I chose a life that has led me to making a very healthy salary and yet living in a 21′ cheaply constructed tube along with a narcissistic cat I(not even playing she sets the dog up to be yelled at) a 69Lbs dog that can do 39 tricks and yet for the life of me cant get over barking at her own shadow. perfect name. Shadow the dog. …. But yet there is always a glass half full kicking around for this guy 🙂 The cool thing Is I have decided that its no longer outwardly apparent or at least less troubling when I spend the evenings talking to my pets. I mean theres like the crazy guy walking down the street literally mumbling to himself and then theres me talking to a pair of animals that one understands 3 out of ten words and cant fill in the gaps. The other understands every word perfectly and could give a CRAP so she stretches and yawns. In a way RV life or tiny home living since I sort of straddle both these days – its not just the means to an end. You don’t just sell the house and take off, its a constant journey physically traveling but also learning to live with yourself in a confined space. The journey exists when you move into the 1″ thick wanna be walls, as you toss out crap in dumpsters across the country and lean to keep going past the clearance isle at Walmart. It continues as you look at weight and size instead of quantity when grocery shopping and that explains why you don’t see Costco within miles of a predominantly RV friendly area. SPACE and weight, its like living on that island talking to a beachball and rationing your coconuts because they cant keep. I have a problem with that movie, why did he even leave that island. dude had it made. ANYWAY I digress. so this journey when its done being physical and practice, it becomes a mental journey. Thats where I am at now few years in. lots of miles, mishaps, mistakes and experience – and what it has taught me. what HAS it taught, well outside of the obvious mistakes folks have seen me make on this blog, I got over dealing with old equipment everything is brand new or close to it and under warranty, roadside, full insurance yada yada. It’s forced me to really evaluate the necessities of things and frankly even people in my life. A blessing in disguise to living agile and nimble is being able to leave anyone and anything behind. Take only what you can tow. put the rest in the rear view. you didn’t need it. it doesn’t matter.

But what about practical things a grill, the golf cart which btw Lucy went byby. Lucy had issues I just didn’t want to deal with not with the money I had tied up in her. I took a $500 loss and put her right back on market place. I always wanted a Yamaha golf cart and then I had one. lasted a month. Merit badge achieved. well anyway got this deal on a vehicle technically classified as an LSV and road legal here in Florida but its not a golf cart. more of an ATV and its kick ass. Its definitely a dude cus it has this masculine quality and wants to go 35mph through the grass at Walmart from time to time. *cough* so we are naming him Justin.

Back to our PRACTICAL things. hehe ok listen. Here in Florida a TON of people don’t even own a car. I mean I use my truck once a week to go do major shopping and average 100 miles a month. But I run around on the cart every single day. So consider it essential. Humor me and my mini midlife crisis. Because it’s now given birth to a trailer. HA! I go pick it up this weekend, I have purchased a brand new 6X12 cargo trailer and your probably thinking im nuts but there is a reason. Moreover I need a way to tow around my new toy 🙂 lots to come from the crib, stay tuned. Incidentally I have also ordered 10 foot long ADUBZcrib logos to go on my new trailer 🙂 Maybe you’ll see me on the road some day.