So, I have not done a very good job of this.. If you follow my FB page you know allot has happened since the last Blog Post. If you don’t, then I encourage you to do so because a year in now I feel like thats how this is going to develop. up-to-date news and events can be found on FB. Cool pics can be found on Instagram – and facebook since it cross posts…. Deep random thoughts and walls of text, can be spastically viewed here on the Blog. So where do I want to take us today, well lets start with the trip from Central Florida to Tennessee.

Rosie did actually really well coming up here. We got her some Brand new Sneaks and a TPMS system…. Between watching 6 brand new tire pressures, temperatures, or the Truck in the rear view camera – not sure which was the greatest distraction. But we got here. We took Atlanta head on dead center of Day in a thunderstorm and survived. Actually interestingly enough I never left i75 from Leesburg to Knoxville. I am camped right off i75 still just a few states away. It was an excellent first trip.

I learned allot on the first trip with Rosie. Hard lefts tend to open the silverware drawers and drive you crazy for miles. My Generator although rebuilt (video on the FB Page) is not up to par. I think actually it could now be just a filter and or simple fix but haven’t had the time. Suffice it to say in transit power situations are interesting. Getting here I stoped at a walmart in Georgia for the night and threw a bag of Ice in the fridge shut the whole system down and to hell with it. I had no AC no air movement and no TV / entertainment. Dead Silence. Sleeping after driving a Greyhound bus 500 miles is hard. doing it with no AC, no Fan, no TV and a few teenagers drinking beer and tailgating in the parking lot at walmart well…. Its a good thing walmart sells 5 hour energy drinks at checkout… SO here I am in Tennessee, Labor day Weekend and not much better to do.. I have decided to fix that problem…

First thing I did was sit down with a notebook and turn off circuit breakers one by one and then run around the coach figuring out what all is effected by each breaker. I then created what I call the “essentials” circuit. This circuit consists of the fridge ( keep the food cold ) both TVs, the WiFi, table lamps, my bedside phone charger and most coach outlets. But not high demand things such as the washer, kitchen appliances or Air Conditioning. I DID manage to include the bedroom ceiling fan. so I got this all figured out and rewired into one circuit now. I introduced a new 1500 watt pure sine low overhead inverter. Now this is geek crap but suffice it to say this allows me to watch either TV, food stays cold, internet and crap works and I can run my bedroom ceiling fan – all off battery. Granted If I need to use the AC or toaster, microwave etc – gotta start the generator. and thats fine. fair compromise.

now I can watch TV, enjoy the Fan, and not have to have the Gen running. this is a big deal and its the start of something more. I am going to be carving into Rosies electrical system in a BIG way because we have alot more to do on this page:) ADUBZcrib is supposed to be off grid. not bouncing around camp grounds. This has been temporary and through two campers. That would screw anyone up. No. ADUBZcrib is going into the wild, off grid and fully self sustainable.

Why the Ford truck ? well, what better way to go fill a water bladder and replenish the coach tanks. Or haul portable waste tanks to a dump station….. There IS a method to the madness. its going to make more sense soon. I promise 🙂 The intent is to go off grid camping. no hookups. No power water sewer or neighbors. State Land. Federal Land. Mining Coalition Land… wilderness…. this is where I am being called. So I am going to rig the coach for it.

Wish me Luck 🙂