I was you once. I read this kinda crap on the internet and closed my eyes. Man what must it be like to be totally free in an RV…. Well honestly the purpose of this Blog above all else is to do just that and perpetuate the experience. I made the decision to go full time and I am out here writing about it and sharing the ups and downs because I am literally hoping to ignite a little spark in the minds of those who follow me. I have some mentors of my own like this guy Chris who does skoolies and Ray who built a 35KWh battery bank that weighs under 500 lbs out of a couple totaled Nisan Leaf battery banks…. If you are following ME then I would find NO greater joy in my life than to see you out here on the road. And this week I got to experience just that. I will leave him un named because it doesn’t matter but suffice it to say I met a guy on the internet over a year ago and we became excellent friends. Similar interests and both IT guys we generally hit it off. He is more of a process oriented guy and I am somewhat of a risk taker but we really get along. So he has been taking all of my advice to heart over the last year and is literally decided to join the Full Time RV scene. back in June he got the wild hair to go looking for a truck having decided trailer vs coach and found himself one hell of a Diesel 3500. Then hitched up with a deal on a Toy Hauler that happened to be in Tampa and I am presently in Ocalla so we decided he should come kick it here in the same park as me for a cpl weeks and I could show him the ropes. So he did just that, and arrived Monday. All this week both him and I have to work full time days as ITs so our first priority was of course internet – and SPOILER alert !!! I have one hell of a blog post coming about all of that…. But at any rate – I cannot articulate how freaking cool it has been all week to welcome a brand new Full Timer who literally bought a camper and dragged it strait to me in order to teach him how to dump the tanks. how to work the various systems. how to park and level it. I am humbled and HONORED and a week in, he hasn’t decided this was a stupid move yet so seemingly vindicated…. THIS my friends is what ADUBZcrib is about. This is my vision of your Dream. If you are here and you are reading this stuff let me tell you something. You can do this. We did. It all comes down to choice. Me Personally I choose to put my foot on the gas and go see whats over the next horizon. I am still out here chasing my sunset and I am never going to catch it but totally contempt with that. I am here to find myself on the road and to Live. ” Not all who wander are lost ” – unknown author. Listen my friend, you don’t have to dream. It’s a choice. You can CHOOSE to hit the road. And you don’t have to be ashamed of it. There are two kinds of people who live in campers. Those who have no choice, and those who choose to. There is a vast difference in that. There ARE some sketchy people out here but there are also those of us who just want this lifestyle and we tend to be just really amazing friends. So I encourage you – to think about it. And never forget that there are millions of us just like you out here. We wont judge you. We wont look down on you. We will ask you about your rig and where you are from and offer you a beer. Because thats what Full Time RV life is all about… It’s not about the camper, it’s about the journey.