Man its been so long… You know what I am gonna do? I am gonna illustrate the true nature of “Next_Chapter” and you know what it means? Its a unix friendly filename from the mind of an IT who wishes he had been a fireman or something else trying to articulate his great idea. This idea born with his brother is simply this: free yourself from these bindings. Taxes. Politics. Materialistic obsessions, and the need to possess “things”. The banks. The landlord. Freaking Repo Man…. lets take this all of the table…….. We sold the house, bought a camper…. CASH…. clear title…….. Its a step. The Next_Chapter – I spose we can go to windows friendly file format now……. The NEXT next chapter for me is not going to focus on a camper at all. The camper will remain and augment the story, I mean who the hell really WANTS to spend summer in Florida ? There is a reason tickets are cheap !! pfft…. alright….. here we go…. The True nature is this, the true nature of next chapter is always moving forward. dont look back…. Ill go ahead and put it this way :

When confronted with extreme challenge, nature responds in one of two ways “fight or flight”. Society simply molds instinct so that it can conform to a collective with a common goal.

Many religions around the world teach that shedding this extra stimuli, even Christianity demands that you Tithe and reminds you the poor man behind you in line gave MORE.

This isnt about a camper! Clearly, because in the 3 years I have been blogging I have owned 4 of them. This is about a path, a chosen path to some semblance of freedom.

Being free from the debt collectors and banks with a clear and free title got old 2 campers ago. I wasn’t quite within grasp of the end game when I started this journey and still aint.

What I do know is that things need to change again. Not just travel again this time, its not a simple task of packing up which this is great at doing in minutes…. This is a new direction.

I have some insane ideas for this fall but its too early to tip my hand, and I hope you all are watching my website because this is where its all going to take place.

God Bless !!!