I have been on the waiting list for Starlink since Feb. Paid my deposit, waiting waiting waiting. Because my service address is in Florida which is the lowest latitude in the US I am just screwed and waiting lol. This new chip shortage and supply chain issues are NOT helping. the latest update I saw on starlink launch was nov 29 and you gotta figure when they deploy it takes weeks for those satellites to get into line. heres one thing though that kinda blows my mind. I mean they DID name it ” STAR ” link for a reason. not EARTHlink.. I give you the latest update to EULA and yes. I check this every single day. its part of my daily morning routine. I log into my starlink account to see if anything shipped or changed, and check my credit scores and emails you know… morning coffee – well this appeared recently in the agreement lol – I am amused 🙂

For services provided on Mars, or in transit to Mars via Starship, or other colonization spacecraft, the parties recognize Mars as a free planet and that no Earth-based government has authority or sovereignty over Martian activities. Accordingly, disputes will be settled through self-governing principles, established in good faith, at the time of Martian settlement.”

— SpaceX Starlink Terms of Agreement

This is literally in the end user agreement now with starlink lol….. AT ANY RATE – I am still making due between two different Verizon hot Spots and a Tmobile 5G. which sadly limits me to suburbs of major metropolitan areas. I want to get OUT THERE and hit the wilderness. Internet is huge – its how I do my job and earn income but moreover I need to focus on the camper itself. Its a Tiny camper that was purchased for a tiny truck and so it has certain limitations. Namely its made of Styrofoam and you cant even WALK on the roof let alone put 500 lbs of solar panels up there. And thats what it is going to take. In addition to the battery bank I am figuring 800ah of usable storage capacity to get me 10-15KWh per day. This is full florida sun running AC, deleting propane meaning HW heater, Stove all convert to electric and the furnace becomes storage because instead of all that we now have on the trailer tongue a mini split. 100% solar powered and on cloudy day stretches fine I run the generator a few hours a day.

SO – how do we get there. well first of all, it stands to reason I have already carved this camper up and made it my own. I will never ever sell it and get my money back. THAT being said, I need to pour another 5 grand into it over this winter. I need to add roof rails for the panels and transfer the load to the walls, I need to wire it all, I need to add the battery bank which 300 Lbs of Lithium Ion cells gonna go where the old Fridge was and we are talking thousands of dollars all of this. THEN I am adding additional weight to the rig. I need a new axle and tires…. but thats not the worst of it.

I am going to need a new truck. And this breaks my heart because I LOVE my truck. Its the first nice thing I have ever owned and my anxiety is manageable driving this rig. I haven’t even hit 10,000 miles yet but it is what it is….

So thats the plan this winter. I have until June really before the north country becomes habitable again for a Floridian. 8 months – and ALOT to accomplish. The good news is – I have a plan and for what ever reason that gives me comfort. I can promise you all that I will deviate from said plan but I HAVE one.

More to come soon. This weekend I am installing the new electric on demand hot water heater side by side with the factory propane unit. The idea being I can choose between them as the situation dictates. Its going to mean a few bypass valves and clever engineering so stay tuned to the blog ! and hold my beer. WATCH THIS