So I know it’s been a long time since I have blogged and anyone following me still – you are a freaking trooper God Bless !!!

As of Aug 1 22 I am now here at cross lake RV park which is a small shallow lake connected to the Seneca River and Onondaga lake not far from here and my hometown of Syracuse NY. I am here for the month before I spend a few weeks at Abbotts and a friends house on the way out of the state headed back to Tennessee.

its a nice place :). Its quiet, and I am able to get a lot of my work done personal and professional since I am not hindered by the plethora of issues Camp needs to be dealt with. I had a hard time making the decision people in my family see the need and so I became unnecessary and decided to come down here and focus on my own stuff for a month. We are replacing the HVAC system with a new mini split, completing the solar install and working towards phase 2 (removing legacy propane systems). we intend to go full time 240v split phase 50 amp and pure solar power.. this will allow us to use an on demand electric HW heater and inductive stove top and with the new minisplit Central air system (heat and AC) no more furnace… no more propane …

Shadow is having somewhat of a hard time re-adjusting to life. lol. I say that because a month out two up on the river going days between seeing a single human being – depending on how addicted to amazon you are …. here they pass by every 5 min or less. In a way I often wonder if I am at least partially responsible for my dogs anxiety towards people because I am somewhat of an introvert of myself. Ok. sans the Somewhat…. I guess I broke my dog but she’s 9 now and hard to change in her ways so we just deal, granted we are going to nascar in a week in Dads 5th wheel so that is like mega dose of humans she will just hide under the camper most of the weekend. its ok the 5th wheel is pretty high off the ground I may just join her from time to time…..

next stop ….. Tennessee. back to the place I feel most loved and respected and ironically never lived but there’s a long long story there…. I plan to retreat back to Florida end of October / Nov and I have a huge surprise for folks.. its not a home (exactly) and not property but definitely a change and a new plan / direction for the crib.

Thanks for following