So, I haven’t been keeping up at all this summer and my apologies to my readers. I am going to start doing better. For starters I spent this weekend ripping apart my brand new camper. ( I know right !? Took long enough … pfft ) So I have desk back now and more importantly my personal and work machines back online in unison connected to my KB monitor and mouse. This enables me to use FB social media and my blog etc with a real screen and KB and not just a cell phone. So what the heck happened …. Well, let me share an insight with you folks.

Most of my adult life and even back into my teenage years, I have never really had a permanent place to call “home” or as I like to refer to it. ” my Rock ” I have been evicted, had cars repossessed, I can quote the fair debt collections practices act better than any debt collector on earth. in fact my goal when they call is to make them apologize to me. sigh. its a shame I finally paid the last one off. but ALL THE WHILE I have been searching for a rock. something no one can ever take from me. ( worse case scenario they can make me move it – but thats about it ) and this is what gave birth to my whole RV plan in the first place. I own my camper outright. Its my rock on wheels. No one can take it from me. IT can be totaled and its insured but its mine free and clear. So this summer a ton of drama unfolded that I care not to divulge but suffice it to say, I lost home base. I did keep the flag ! its on my new golf cart now. lol. (another post another day) I “moved” to a new RV park now in Bushnell Florida. So far its been fantastic. Great people, good amenities, There is a super wallmart, BK, McDs, Taco Bell, KFC, Little Caesars, Dollar tree, two gas stations and a tractor supply right here within walking / golf cart distance 🙂 certainly cant argue with that. BUT I am back to living in the camper with the pets and all my crap in storage yet again, heres the cool part. It doesn’t phase me. Or the pets. This is just Sunday to us, another day. And thats what I love the most about this chosen lifestyle. ” Next_Chapter ” its a never ending story until one day I go dark and become a tree somewhere. ( I want to be buried with a seed pod and be a tree ) I am looking at land and will probably find something eventually but ill tell you one thing that will never ever happen. I will never ever not own a paid off camper. The freedom that this “rock on wheels” provides is impossible to articulate. you are never ” stuck ” anywhere. ever. in any situation its as simple as hitching up hitting the road and going somewhere else. Put the lawn chairs back out, re-align the satellite and go on with life. your mail may or may not find you but hey more and more places these days do paperless billing. 🙂

So anyway, I want to apologize and promise – going forward I am going to do better at maintaining the blog. I have ALOT to do this winter, a brand new camper. new canvas 🙂 new solar new everything. and I am settled down in a good spot for as long as I want it – at least until June if/when I head north again, so all the time in the world to do it..

Lets get back to doing what ADUBZ does. Building a new Crib 🙂