Tucked back in the outskirts of Baldwinsville NY is a real true Gem. If you are ever in the area you should totally check this place out. https://www.abbottfarms.com/ In addition to hosting both Boondockers Welcome AND Harvest Hosts, I just happen to be friends with the family (and sort of the “IT Guy”) so I get to swing through and stay here from time to time and maybe even wear out my welcome a bit hehe (been here two weeks) But what a wild ride…. I left our Family Camp rather suddenly due to some drama I just couldn’t deal with. (this is whats great about RV life – pick up and go in a moments notice!) And I went to a friends for a while then Nascar of course, Watkins Glen…. Do it every year. But this year just wasn’t the same. Without my little Girl, I was kinda beaten down. I “partied” one or two of the nights but most of my time at the Track I burned 20 gallons of fuel in the generator watching seasons 3-5 of Stargate SG-1. I was actually picked on by most of the neighbors matter of fact just little old me all alone sitting inside with a huge party going on all around me. I just wasn’t feeling it. I was heartbroken. The final night at the track I burned up all my firewood, I had like 3 nights worth lol. had a raging fire watching most of the campers clear out and said to myself OK Andrew. Now what. I needed a spiritual retreat. I needed to go somewhere that would heal my Soul and since Camp was out of the question I didn’t have many options! I called my my friend Warren and asked if I could come crash at the Farm for a while. Maybe even fix his network I have been promising for 3 years… I just needed a quiet place to breathe and unwind for a while. So off we go, back to where it all began. My home town Baldwinsville NY for a little break.

Upon Arrival just simply turning onto the land this wave of relief came over me. This was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was greeted by friendly faces, fellow campers and a couple Chickens. The cat is still trying to figure them out. There is an abundance of land here some planted some resting, Its exactly what I needed both Shadow and I. Some room to roam and even my FitBit thanked me. In fact one day I actually clocked 20 miles just walking around the farm taking photos and enjoying some time with my own thoughts. I got to help out on a few Farm projects and be part of the life, I watched a plethora of campers coming and going most staying overnight with Harvest Host memberships on their way through the area. They put me in the ” Family Spot ” which is up against the workshop so we could save the good spots for people traveling through but it suits me just fine. I didn’t really need an alarm, farm life starts early 🙂 Couple Idling Diesel tractors out the bedroom window first thing in the morning says hey its time to make the coffee and get online go to work. LTE coverage was good, ironically I helped set up the Farm Wifi the last day I was there, in hindsight I should have planned that out better. Shadow had a ball exploring it all 🙂

So the weekend came and Abbott Farms had planned an event what they call ” prepare for the Harvest ” which we hope will become an annual event 🙂 This is one of those times God just shows up and smacks you over the head with a 2X4 like ” Can you hear me NOW ? ” So I get involved, helping out where I can. This unbelievably cool event was based around the concept of both Believers and non, Protestant, Baptist, Catholic – Never in my life have I seen so many speakers and congregations of different secular faiths come together in a single place in perfect unison. It was the COOLEST thing I have ever seen, we had faith healers, preachers, worship leaders and youth Groups from all different kinds of denominations all in one place worshiping together. This was exactly the spiritual retreat I had been looking for and I could feel the energy in the air with sooooo many other people exactly like me just needing to get close to God and take a break. This has been a crazy couple years for the world and we just let it all go for a weekend, we sang, we danced, we raised our hands….. I even got to run the sound board 🙂

This was perfect, I am decent at sound but JUST like I used to serve at church its the best seat in the house for an introvert. You wouldn’t think so with the pressure on you but, it allows you to get into the music tap your feet raise your arms – and you really just sorta go un-noticed. your back of the house, your just the sound guy and no one thinks anything of you being there. You get to get into the music and feel the vibe but stay out of the center of attention. I decided at this point I seriously need to find a new church down south and get back into it all.. So we had band after band after band after band and just such a good time Worshiping in a corn field, hundreds of people and so many just like me needed this time of healing and spiritual rejuvenation. I could not have possibly parked the camper in a better place at a better time if I had tried. I am just so thankful, and grateful to the Abbotts for all that they do. This community, this State, the Crops (they had a hand in inventing a new apple BTW you may have heard of it. Ruby Frost. HIGHLY recommend!) They worked with genetics students at Cornel and literally invented it. a new species. And one of the best apples you will ever taste. This land, this place, it has so much love and just PEACE tilled into the soil. It’s hard to articulate. I am just so thankful for my time here. Thank you Abbott Farms, God Bless you folks !